January 9, 2018

UChicago Short List
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Physics after gravitational waves
1. Prove Einstein right: check
Now that physics has found gravitational waves, what's next? More »
Read about UChicago scientists' new theory of how the solar system formed.

2. Go to gym: check
The science behind keeping your New Year's resolutions. More »
Get eight tips for managing change from a Chicago Booth panel.

3. Listen to podcasts: check
In more than 200 Axe Files podcasts, David Axelrod, AB'76, reporter turned political consultant turned founder of UChicago's Institute of Politics, has tapped his A-list contacts to conduct newsworthy interviews. More »
Meet the IOP's new executive director, Gretchen Crosby Sims.

4. Practice critical thinking: check
In any given year roughly half of Americans believe in conspiracy theories. Why? More »
Read about a conspiracy theory scholar who became the subject of one.
Learn why debunking lies may not make them stronger after all.

5. Get dream job: check
Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden, AM'77, PhD'87, began her career in a storefront library on Chicago's South Side. More »
Learn why the Library of Congress will no longer archive every public tweet.
PLUS . . .
The research on women's treatment at work . . . Brush up on the Korean War . . . App fills gap at the Gap . . . New named professorships . . . How to achieve moral fluency . . . Court Theatre executive director Stephen J. Albert, 1951-2017.
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Job opportunities
New York
Full Stack Software Engineer
Senior Analyst of Strategic Finance and Investor Relations
Customer Acquisition Marketing and Strategy
New York
Content Marketing Specialist
Undisclosed boutique law firm
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In memoriam
Jonathan Z. Smith, 1938-2017
Jonathan Z. Smith, 1938-2017
Religion historian and former College dean Jonathan Z. Smith died December 30. More »
Read about an alumnus's quest to find Smith's 1982 Aims of Education address.

Featured events
UnCommon Core, Florida and Georgia
UnCommon Core Lectures
Join fellow Maroons for thought-provoking lectures and discussions. On January 20, Mid-Florida will host its fifth annual UnCommon Core with Jack Gilbert, Raymond Arsenault, and Craig Pittman. More »
On January 28, Atlanta will host its first UnCommon Core with three local alumni: Marcus C. Davis, PhD'04; Alex Walsh, AB'08; and Isabella Alexander, AM'09. Learn more and register. More »
More upcoming events
11:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
6-8:30 p.m.
Alumni Club Annual Holiday Party
6:30-9:30 p.m.
New York:
Young Alumni Beer and Book
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Lite of the mind
Words of the year
Fake news, feminism, #MeToo
And other words of the year from 2017. More »
Hear eight sounds of the year.
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