January 14, 2020    
Short List
News for the UChicago community
Start your 2020 off right with some new music. Then take a quick look back to see what the movie Clerks has in common with George Washington Carver, and then way, way back to the first seconds of the universe. Don't skip the Postscript for research that doesn't exist--yet.
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1. The lyric-less songster
Fourth-year Eli Winter is a creative writing major, but when he writes songs, he eschews lyrics, letting his guitar do the talking. More 
Discover Winter's influences and how Chicago shapes his music.
Meet the rest of the Guardian's new artists to watch this year.
2. The new provost
Chemist Ka Yee C. Lee, the vice provost for research, will bring her scholarly and leadership experience to bear as the University's new provost. More 
Take a virtual trip to UChicago's campus in Hong Kong, where Lee chairs the faculty advisory board.
Learn about Lee's award-winning research.
3. Making the world safer through data
Robert Pape, PhD'88, founder of the Chicago Project on Security and Threats, joins the Freakonomics podcast to talk data-driven foreign policy and international security. More 
Listen to more geopolitical insights from political scientist/economist James Robinson on Big Brains.
See what experts think will happen next in Iran.
4. Expanding the canon
Jacqueline Stewart, AM'93, PhD'99, chaired a National Film Registry task force to diversify the 25 movies added to the list in 2019. More 
Find out why Kimberly Peirce, AB'90, is amazed her first film made the list.
Read an interview with Stewart by Anne Ford, AM'99.
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Thank you for a successful campaign  +  The universe's first seconds  +  A gendered spin on research  +  Poverty on the decline  +  Impeach and thrive?  +  See more stories
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January 15
Immerse yourself in the music of Strauss in New York City 
February 6
February 6
Join Stevanovich Institute scholars in Chicago to discuss why we disagree 
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Job of the week
Education program specialist, Oregon Department of Education 
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Professional development
January 15
How do you explain a big career change? Refine your professional narrative at this Mind Your Career webinar. 
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  In memoriam    
Gertrude Himmelfarb
Gertrude Himmelfarb, AM'44, PhD'50
Gertrude Himmelfarb's research on Victorian Britain informed her contemporary commentary. David Brooks, AB'83, remembers the friend he calls "a physician for the national soul." More 
Simon Aronson
Simon Aronson, AB'64, AM'65, JD'73
With his wife, Virginia Aronson, AB'69, AM'73, JD'75, the Chicago lawyer performed mind-reading magic for fun. More 
Enchanted lyres are up next
The latest in magical research from a campus straight out of Hogwarts, as reported by the Onion. More 
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