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January 18, 2017

UChicago Short List
News, careers, events, and more for University of Chicago alumni, parents, families, and friends.
A new New Year's resolution strategy
1. Improving self-improvement
Already slipping up on your New Year’s resolutions? Try using a strategy of immediate rewards to reach long-term goals, suggest Chicago Booth researchers. More »
Revamp your finances with 13 tips from Harold Pollack.
Find out if you really are what you eat.

2. A medical approach
Epidemiologist and CureViolence founder Gary Slutkin, MD'75, is treating Chicago's homicide rate like a public health crisis. More »
Meet new adult trauma center head Selwyn Rogers.
Watch Rogers discuss the trauma center, and learn more about his public health approach.

3. Man in motion
SportsManias, an app for diehard fans founded by former UChicago football player Vicente Fernandez, AB'14, became the fastest-growing sports app on iTunes. More »
Check out Nate Silver's (AB'00) updated Super Bowl predictions.

4. Age of enlightenment
In a new memoir, Divinity School alumna Claire Hoffman, AM'05, reflects on growing up in the Transcendental Meditation movement. More »
Read an excerpt from Greetings from Utopia Park.
Share your memories of the weekly Divinity School lunches.

5. Electrifying mystery
Disproving a long-held theory on static electricity, UChicago physicists have found we don't really know why our clothes stick together in the dryer. More »
Meet the innovators in Argonne's first entrepreneurship program.
PLUS . . .
Obama at Valois . . . Crowdfund student initiatives . . . Disney and personalized medicine . . . Job searching? Find something fun . . . 16 scholars earn named, distinguished service professorships.
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Career opportunities
Tulsa, OK
Adult Psychiatrist
Indian Health Care Resource Center of Tulsa
Program Director
UChicago Careers in Law, University of Chicago
Senior Analyst
BMO Harris
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Abstract artist Wolf Kahn
American abstraction
Wolf Kahn, AB'50, received the US State Department's International Medal of Arts for leaving his mark on our cultural canvas. More »
Learn about the Smart Museum's new director, Alison Gass.

Upcoming events
Engage the life of the mind through free online courses, seminars, book clubs, career colloquiums, and more.
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More events
9 a.m.-5 p.m.
St. Petersburg, FL:
Fourth Annual UnCommon Core: Mid-Florida style
2-5 p.m.
Annual Wassail Party
5:30 p.m.
January Book Club: The White Castle
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Lite of the mind
Winter wonders
Cold comforts
Kuviasungnerk/Kangeiko, broomball, snowball fights--see photos of past and present Winter Quarter fun. More »
View highlights from last year's Kuvia.
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