January 29, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Sessue Hayakawa
1. Movie star Maroon?
Matinee idol Sessue Hayakawa's path to Hollywood led through UChicago--or so his story goes. UChicago Magazine does some digging. More »
Read about Hayakawa's place in Asian American movie history.
Get the history behind an Oscar contender about 1970s Mexico City.

2. Data point man
Why data expert Mike Franklin left Berkeley to lead UChicago's computer science program. More »
Learn five ways to protect your personal data against breaches.
Read how a high school teacher's bet got Franklin into computers.

3. Sounds of space-time
Astrophysicist Daniel Holz tells Big Brains what the ripples in space-time reveal about the universe. More »
Get Holz's take on a new gravitational-wave controversy.
Learn about a PhD student who helped discover an exoplanet.

4. Start-up swindle
In her new podcast series, ABC News correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, AB'03, tells the story of the disgraced founder of Silicon Valley health-care start-up Theranos. More »
Learn more about Jarvis's investigation, which also includes a TV documentary.

5. Levels of suppression
Most censorship is self-imposed but not necessarily self-initiated, concludes historian Ada Palmer, who wrapped up an exhibition on information control in December. More »
See how doodles in a medieval manuscript were censored.
Read more about Palmer's work, including her science fiction.
PLUS . . .
Snow safety for kids . . . Harris Public Policy's new space . . . Is meritocracy fair? . . . A pill for loneliness . . . Painlessly honest . . . What does campus diversity mean?
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Career opportunities
Data Scientist, Applied Machine Learning-RNA
San Francisco
CoFounder-Real Estate space
New York City
Marketing Manager
Shift Markets
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In memoriam
Arunas Liulevicius
Arunas Liulevicius, AB'54, SM'57, PhD'60
1934-2018: Mathematician. More »
Elias M. Stein, AB'51, SM'53, PhD'55
1931-2018: Mathematician. More »
Harris Wofford, AB'48
1926-2019: Ex-senator. More »

Upcoming events
6-9 p.m.
Washington, DC:
Beer and Book
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Religion, Identity, and the Construction of Faith
03/04/19 through 03/15/19
Alumni Travel: Israel Past and Present
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Lite of the mind
Viral music video still
Shark hook
"Baby Shark" has the anatomy of a hit. Music theorist Steven Rings dissects the K-pop version of the children's song to explain how it landed on the charts. More »
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