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February 28, 2017

UChicago Short List
News, careers, events, and more for University of Chicago alumni, parents, families, and friends.
Millie Dresselhaus, PhD'59
1. The queen of carbon science, 1930-2017
Millie Dresselhaus, PhD'59, was an influential solid state physicist, the first tenured woman professor at MIT, a role model for women in STEM, the star of a recent GE ad campaign, and "a delightful human being." More »
Learn more about Dresselhaus's work and achievements.

2. Open discourse
President Robert J. Zimmer discusses the University's continued commitment to freedom of expression. More »
Read more about the "Chicago principles" on free speech.

3. Mind over money
Wall Street performance coach Denise Shull, AM'95--inspiration for the Wendy Rhoades character on Showtime's Billions--shares five insights on how human psychology influences trading decisions. More »
Learn why entrepreneurs should avoid "hot" markets.

4. Street smarts
UChicago sociologist Forrest Stuart spent a year embedded with Chicago gang members for an upcoming book. Here's how he earned their trust. More »
Watch Stuart discuss trust breakdowns between police and urban residents.
See Stuart talk about his research on April 5 in New York.
Meet the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation inaugural director Luis Bettencourt.

5. Our fishy ancestors
Evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin has discovered a genetic connection between fish fins and mammal limbs. More »
See photos from Shubin's recent fossil dig in Antarctica.
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PLUS . . .
UChicago to offer creative writing major . . . How low-fat food cuts cancer costs . . . Seminary Co-op revamps membership model . . . How fast is the universe really expanding? . . . High stakes of handshakes.
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Army reservist Sarah Starr, Class of 2017
In the spotlight
The soundtrack for Oscar-nominated Pearl, composed and recorded by Scot Stafford, AB'94, and Pollen Music Group, acts as a "sonic horizon" for the virtual reality short film. More »
Watch Pearl for free in a Chrome web browser.

Upcoming signature event
An introduction to modern Islamic finance
An introduction to modern Islamic finance
March 30
Did you know modern Islamic finance is a $2 trillion industry? Join legal scholar Cynthia Shawamreh, JD'88, as she explores the basic principles and practices of this rapidly growing global industry.
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Nota bene
John Sclazi's The Collapsing Empire
Expanding his empire
Science fiction author John Scalzi, AB'91, has launched a new series with what he calls a "space opera," The Collapsing Empire (Tor, 2017). Read the first three chapters »
Get Scalzi's advice for aspiring writers.
Learn how T. David Brent, AB'70, AM'71, PhD'77, shaped UChicago Press's catalog over four decades as an editor.
Read about how a visiting professor channeled Henry James to write a Portrait of a Lady sequel.
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