March 6, 2018

UChicago Short List
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Students borrow art from the Smart
1. Art to live with
The Smart Museum revives a program that loans artworks to students, who say they "can vibe with it." More »
Learn about the Smart's new center for bringing art closer to students.

2. A chaplain's compassion
As a hospital chaplain, Bailey Pickens, AB'10, has learned the difference between compassion and empathy. More »

3. Go with your gut
Tweaking your microbiome could help you fight illnesses as tough as cancer. More »
Hear about another study of the microbiome and human health.
Read µChicago's issue on the microbiome and your biological clock.

4. The food desert debunked?
Research by Chicago Booth's Jean-Pierre Dubé suggests preference is a factor in the nutrition gap. More »
Read an opinion that may change your own grocery preferences.
PLUS . . .
Obama Foundation Scholars Program . . . Supreme Court sides with OI . . . Black Panther's savvy audiences . . . Mapping flu outbreaks . . . Universal basic income: a case study.
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Career opportunities
Jersey City, NJ
Sr. Analyst, Business Insights
TD Ameritrade
Madison, WI
Project Manager
Madison, WI
Technical Problem Solver
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Sociology for the people
Sociology for the people
Herbert Gans, PhB'47, AM'50, has pushed sociologists to take up an old question: What is a good society? More »

Upcoming events
5:15-6:15 p.m
Bruce Cumings on "The Orientalist Roots of American Perceptions of N. Korea"
7:30-9:30 p.m.
Washington, DC:
Capitol Hill Chorale's Spring Jazz Concert
03/19/18 through 03/23/18
AlumniU Career Colloquium:
Journalism and Media: An Inside Scoop
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Alumni Award Nominations

Lite of the mind
UChicago donut tour
Chicago School of Social Gastronomy
Every year the Department of Sociology invites undergrads on a tour to see sites of scholarly importance--and to sample the city's doughnut offerings. Watch »
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