March 20, 2018

UChicago Short List
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Cartography 2.0
1. Viral mapmaking
What if Roman roads were mapped like subway lines? How much snow makes it a snow day in DC or Miami? Sasha Trubetskoy, Class of 2019, elevates the art of the infographic. More »
See where else mapmaking meets specialized knowledge at UChicago.

2. Outsider at the forefront
A new exhibition in Chicago celebrates the unique vision of outsider artist Stephen Warde Anderson, EX'75. More »
Check out a Kartemquin film on another Chicago-area outsider artist.
Read about Peter Selz, AM'49, PhD'54, who promoted "outsider" artists.

3. Shifty economy
During the second-longest economic boom in US history, Chicago Booth's Randall Kroszner and Austan Goolsbee assess where we may be headed. More »
Listen to Goolsbee get quizzed on home economics.
See how hard times economically change us mentally.

4. Healing together
Helping adolescents recover from eating disorders may involve the whole family. More »
Read an argument for spirituality as a solution to psychiatric distress.

5. Curious minds
UChicago's STEM Education Center is training preschool teachers to promote scientific inquiry. More »
Learn about a program that uses debate to improve kids' learning skills.
Meet a Pritzker pathologist who's expanding the scope of medical education.
PLUS . . .
The psychology of trees . . . Dangers of AI's "less intelligent" uses . . . Jupiter's geometric storms . . . A short ride from Wall Street to the NY Fed . . . Join the Eugene Parker Solar Probe, says William Shatner.
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Career opportunities
New York
Director/Manager, Marketing Sciences
Oakbrook Terrace, IL
Client Portfolio Specialist
McDonnell Investment Management LLC
Washington, DC
Program Manager
Armed Services Arts Partnership
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William Pope.L
Provocation with purpose
The performance art of DOVA associate professor William Pope.L "combines scathing satire with heartfelt activism." More »

Upcoming events
7:00-10:30 p.m
How Valuation is Applying to PE and M&A
9:00-10:30 p.m.
Cambridge, MA:
March Stump! Trivia Night at Asgard with UChicago Alumni
8 a.m.-6 p.m.
Chicago Booth Emerging Markets Summit
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Lite of the mind
UChicago mural
A wall of respect, and some jests
The city of Chicago has a proud tradition of murals. Thanks to Jacob Goodman, Class of 2019, UChicago might have started one of its own. More »
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