March 26, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Kim Ng
1. Evolution of an ace
As Opening Day approaches, learn about baseball's data revolution and more from Kim Ng, AB'90, MLB's highest-ranking woman. More »
Learn how Matthew Briones uses sports to teach about race in history.
Remember the Maroon baseball team's historic 1910 trip to Japan.
Look back at Nate Silver's (AB'00) career as a baseball analyst.

2. Breakthrough computing
Argonne is collaborating with Intel and Cray to boot up the nation's most powerful supercomputer in 2021. More »
Learn more about the research potential of the Aurora supercomputer.
Read about the new particle accelerator coming to Fermilab.
Take an audio tour of Fermilab's neutrino experiment sites.

3. Tree house of knowledge
Perched on Mount Davis, UChicago's campus in Hong Kong is a new base of intellectual exchange with Asia. More »
See the contemporary art on display at the Hong Kong campus.
Read about the 2015 launch of Study Abroad's first Hong Kong program.

4. AI's anti-hype man
On the latest Big Brains, computer scientist Ben Zhao keeps a critical eye on the dangers of artificial intelligence. More »
Read more about research under way at Zhao's lab.
Learn how far AI could take fake news, fake reviews, and misinformation.

5. Women who work together
E-commerce entrepreneurs Erica Cerulo, AB'05, and Claire Mazur, AB'06, talk with the hosts of Call Your Girlfriend about starting and running Of a Kind together--or, in their words, becoming "work wives." More »
Read an excerpt from Cerulo and Mazur's new book, Work Wife.
Look back at Of a Kind's early years.
PLUS . . .
New College program for veterans . . . From overdose survivor to advocate . . . Second City at 60 . . . Slaughterhouse-Five at 50 . . . New hope for breast cancer treatment.
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Giving Day: April 9-10

Career opportunities
New York City
Ruby on Rails Engineer
Mergers and Acquisition
Cresco Labs
California Legal Counsel
Cresco Labs
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Bill Nowlin
True to his roots
Rounder Records cofounder Bill Nowlin, AM'69, made a home for folk music. More »

Upcoming events
2-4 p.m.
Evanston, IL:
Harper Lecture:
The Design of Evolved Machines
6-9 p.m.
Special Giving Day Celebration
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Chapel Hill, NC:
The Constitution, the Supreme Court, and President Trump
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Lite of the mind
Epitaph of Seikilos
Record digging
Listen to the oldest complete musical composition in recorded history. Former UChicago president and musicologist Don Randel explains what you're hearing. More »
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