April 8, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Chicago by the Book from the UChicago Press
1. Chicago's life in letters
A new book picks 101 publications that defined Chicago, many with Hyde Park connections. UChicago Magazine profiles seven of them, including Studs Lonigan and Black Metropolis. More »
See a rare book collection inspired by the Graham School's great books program.
Learn how the UChicago Library honors College book collectors.

2. Guide for the tax perplexed
Why fewer auditors at the Internal Revenue Service could make it harder for small and midsize businesses to secure loans. More »
Consider tax refunds as a lesson in behavioral economics.
Read why one scholar thinks tax refunds should come with interest.
Learn why a wealth tax might disappoint its proponents.

3. Indicator of national sentiments
English professor Lauren Berlant's influential work in affect theory articulates the feeling of our current political moment. More »
Read an excerpt from Berlant's new coauthored book, The Hundreds.
Look back at Berlant's work on women's culture and the public sphere.
Read Berlant's citation for the 2019 Norman Maclean Faculty Award.

4. Biology's basic principles
What could crustaceans tell us about human vertebrae development? Marine Biological Laboratory director Nipam Patel talks to Big Brains about potential discoveries from studying diverse organisms. More »
Learn how the colors of split-sex butterflies inspired Patel's work.
Read about MBL's courses for College students.
PLUS . . .
Lori Lightfoot, JD'89, elected Chicago's mayor . . . Chicago Booth's new London campus . . . Silicon Valley runs on Stoicism . . . Long-lived rivers on ancient Mars . . . Obstruction without collusion?
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Career opportunities
Cambridge, MA
Scientific Research Associate, Cell Biology
Rheostat Therapeutics
Rockville, MD
Senior Analyst, Performance Analytics
Choice Hotels International
Los Angeles
iOS Engineer
Betty Labs
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John List
Road tested
His most unusual commute and other reflections from economist John List, an adviser to ride-share company Lyft. More »
Read about List's research on Uber's gender earnings gap.

Upcoming events
Every idea counts.
Giving Day starts Tuesday!
This April 9-10, we move UChicago forward.
You're invited to UChicago's fifth annual Giving Day, a 24-hour show of support for the University's students, faculty, and world-changing research. When the UChicago community comes together, every idea, every discovery--and every gift--counts.
You can take part by visiting the Giving Day website, giving to the University, and following and sharing #UChiGivingDay on social media. Be on the lookout for fun trivia, prizes, and exciting flash challenges that will increase your impact. Together, we move UChicago forward!
  Be part of Giving Day.  
More events
7 p.m.
New York City:
Chicago White Sox vs. New York Yankees
1-4 p.m.
Clearwater, FL:
Clearwater Threshers vs. Fort Myers Miracle
11 a.m.
Allen R. Sanderson: The Nobel Prize in Economics Turns 50
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Lite of the mind
Phonetics illustration
Did cooking give us the F-word?
The hypothesis: ancient processed foods changed the human bite, allowing the tongue to form so-called labiodental sounds like "f" and "v." But linguists Alan Yu and Salikoko Mufwene have their doubts. More »
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