April 17, 2018

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Prohibition agent Eliot Ness
1. Out of the shadows
He was known as the gangbuster who took down Al Capone. In reality, Eliot Ness, PhB'25, born 115 years ago this week, took a scientific and progressive approach to law enforcement. More »
Learn about the brewery behind the lager named for Ness.

2. Moonlighting
On his days off, physician William Sloan, SB'63, MD'67, is a skilled violin maker, a rare instrument collector, and an amateur musician. More »
Meet the Kronforst Lab postdoc who leads a "double life" on the runway.

3. Water worlds
There could be life on those ocean-covered planets, says geoscientist Edwin Kite. More »
Discover a new theory about when water first appeared on Earth.

4. Smarter social networking
As federal scrutiny of Facebook increases, computer science professor Ben Zhao discusses the stakes of the data privacy scandal and what users can do to protect themselves. More »
PLUS . . .
New dean for Social Sciences . . . A book designer's inspiration . . . Understanding Italy's populist upsurge . . . Life-threatening allergies on the rise . . . Edging out gender stereotypes with T-shirts.
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Alumni and Faculty Service Awards

Career opportunities
San Francisco
Entangled Solutions
San Francisco
Case Team Leader
Entangled Solutions
Director of Postsecondary Programs
Horizons for Youth
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Martyna Majok
Center stage
The 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Drama has been awarded to Martyna Majok, AB'07, for her play Cost of Living. More »

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Tempe, AZ:
Arizona Alumni Happy Hour
1-3 p.m.
Architecture Tour and Happy Hour
04/30/18 through 05/18/18
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AlumniU Digital Book Club
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Lite of the mind
The toughest UChicago entrance exam
Entrance exam
Six photographs show the doors to six different buildings on the Hyde Park campus. Test your memory of the quads: Can you place them? More »
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