April 23, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Image of galaxy M87 supermassive black hole
1. Once upon a time in galaxy M87
The UChicago-led South Pole Telescope helped take the world's first photograph of a black hole. More »
Hear astrophysicist Brad Benson break down what the image shows.
Dive deep into what scientists are learning from the image.

2. Organizing principle
For activist Heather Booth, AB'67, AM'70, the personal has been the political for more than 50 years. More »
Read about Booth and other alumni who joined Freedom Summer.
Look back at UChicago Magazine's 1991 profile of Booth.

3. Retirement blues
Sociologist Michelle Pannor Silver, PhD'10, explains why those who can afford to retire often find it hard to do so. More »
Read advice from a career coach who says job seeking is lifelong.

4. Archaeological turn
What kept ancient human societies at one site in the Sahara for 5,000 years? Fossil hunter Paul Sereno tells Big Brains how this riddle sent him on an unexpected quest. More »
Learn how Sereno used CT scanners to study his Green Sahara discovery.
Meet 10 prehistoric creatures UChicago faculty helped discover.

5. Electric tracks
In a new installation at the Chicago Transit Authority's 95th Street Red Line station, visual arts professor Theaster Gates has built a DJ booth and an in-house radio station to share music and stories with commuters. More »
Watch Gates talk about the aims of the community art project.
Learn why Prada called Gates in for help.
Hear Gates discuss his work for Harris Public Policy's new building.
PLUS . . .
Lifeline for young trauma survivors . . . New report on graduate education . . . Ed Walters, JD'96, on doing law with data . . . How tech splits the job market . . . Can coughing stop a heart attack?
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Career opportunities
Multiple locations
General Manager
New York City
Bilingual Spanish/English LCSW or LMSW
Urban Health Plan
Data Scientist
Enodo Inc.
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Brent Staples
Moral vision
Journalist Brent Staples, AM'76, PhD'82, won this year's Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing. More »
Read some of Staples's prize-winning work.

Upcoming events
6:30-8:30 p.m.
New York City:
Harper Lecture: Insights from Emerging Model Organisms: From the Physics of Beauty to the Secret Lives of Lobsters
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Alumni Club Career and Mentorship Symposium
5:30-7:00 p.m.
Madeleine Albright and Chuck Hagel: Building Stability in a Contentious World
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Lite of the mind
Cooking sausages
How the sausage gets unmade
Why do encased meats "scream" when they're cooked in the microwave? Physicist David McCowan, SM'08, PhD'14, solves a food science mystery. More »
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