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April 26, 2016

UChicago Short List
News, job listings, events, and more for University of Chicago alumni, parents, families, and friends.
Persepolis: Images of an Empire
1. At first site
Photos from a 1930s expedition to Persepolis (in present-day Iran) documented the archaeologists' findings--and, as Oriental Institute exhibit curator Kiersten Neumann explains, captured their sense of wonder. More »
Watch how the OI uses drones to survey ancient sites.
Hear an OI volunteer reflect on 50 years of service.
Visit the OI during Alumni Weekend.

2. You're not Warren Buffett
So don't try to invest like him, says professor Harold Pollack. Follow rule #4 on Pollack's financial advice index card instead. More »
Use this mental accounting trick to invest better.
Hear Pollack explain what else is on the index card at his May 5 Harper Lecture in Evanston, IL.

3. Dr. Google
Internet search histories can indicate undiagnosed medical conditions. But should Google warn users they might have cancer? Pediatric oncologist Samuel Volchenboum, who directs the Center for Research Informatics, weighs in.
More »
Discover what quantum computing means for our privacy.
Read how an electrified skullcap can keep cancer in check.
Learn about UChicago's cancer-focused partnership with AbbVie.

4. Presidential power
A Supreme Court case over President Barack Obama's immigration actions have put executive orders in the spotlight. Political scientist William Howell discusses the significance (or insignificance) of Obama's other executive orders. More »
Read why Eric Posner dismisses fears of a powerful POTUS.
Get the Div School's primer on the SCOTUS birth control battle.
Learn how cognitive differences affect political beliefs.

5. Gills to legs
Research from UChicago and the affiliated Marine Biological Laboratory suggests our arms and legs evolved from gill arches in early fish. More »
Spot the camouflaging octopus in this MBL video.
Read about UChicago's affiliation with the MBL.
PLUS . . .
Your office is filled with bacteria . . . Fourth-year's Odyssey Scholarship means freedom . . . SSA's Susan Lambert on the consequences of on-call scheduling . . . Former senator Harris Wofford, AB'48, to marry second "great love."
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Career opportunities
Washington, DC
Senior Development Policy Officer
Millennium Challenge Corporation
Hong Kong
Quantitative Research Analyst
AXA Investment Managers
St. Louis
IT Functional Analyst
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In memoriam
Milton Watkins, Regenstein Entry Attendant, 1925-2016
Face of the Reg, 1925-2016
Regenstein entry attendant Milton Watkins, known as the "face of the place," died April 13 at age 90. More »

Upcoming events
2-4 p.m.
The Science of Parental Engagement and Child Development
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Happy Hour at Wallace's Tap Room
7 p.m.
Science on the Screen: Ex Machina
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Lite of the mind
Make your own paper campus
Return to the fold
Download and print patterns to craft your own paper campus, from Pocketfeller Memorial Chapel to Lil' Logie Center. More »
Party in the real Logan Center at #UChiAW's UChicaGO Party, June 4. Register now.
37 days until #UChiAW. See who's coming, by reunion »
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