May 1, 2018

UChicago Short List
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UChicago Urban Labs
1. The city as social laboratory
How can policy makers and social researchers work together to reduce violent crime? Cities across the country are learning from UChicago Urban Labs. More »
Learn about a new gift for a Crime Lab-Chicago Police partnership.

2. From Vietnam to white power
Charlottesville, Virginia, grabbed headlines last August, but the modern white power movement coalesced decades ago, says UChicago historian Kathleen Belew. More »
Hear Belew explain this movement's tactics on This American Life.

3. Teaching doctors good habits
How patient safety is built into residents' training at UChicago Medicine. More »
Read about the UChicago Medicine trauma center, which opens today.

4. Predicting chaos
Forget the butterfly effect. Machine learning can predict the future evolution of chaotic systems, from weather patterns to cardiovascular health. More »
Learn about new strides in machine learning at Ryerson Laboratory.

5. Healthy skepticism
With new Associated Press guidelines in place for reporting on polls, election-year political coverage is about to change.
More »
Read an opinion on the political stakes of flawed polling.
PLUS . . .
Bruce Cumings on the Korea summit . . . New director for Marine Biological Lab . . . Cancer-fighting nanoflowers . . . Look back at 30 days of poetry . . . John Paul Stevens, LAB'37, AB'41, turns 98.
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Career opportunities
Therapist in Private Practice
Astute Counseling Services
Los Angeles
Financial Analyst III
City National Bank
Clinical Counselor
Workplace Service Programs
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Crime writer Sara Paretsky
Criminal mastermind
"Crime fiction is the place in literature where law and justice in society come together," says Sara Paretsky, AM'69, MBA'77, PhD'77. More »

Upcoming events
10:00-11:30 a.m.
Alexandria, VA:
Tour of Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighey House
6 p.m.
Richard Ellis, Let There Be Light: The Observational Quest for the First Galaxies
Venice, Italy:
Venice Architecture Biennial: Dimensions of Citizenship exhibit and opening programs
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Lite of the mind
Seedy superlatives
Seedy superlatives
From best dressed to most explosive personality, here's what a yearbook of seeds might look like, courtesy of the University of Chicago Press. More »
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