May 15, 2018

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Medicaid and ER use
1. Measuring Medicaid
Does Medicaid expansion aid the health care system by keeping the uninsured out of the emergency room? Not according to research by Harris Public Policy dean Katherine Baicker. More »
Hear Baicker discuss Medicaid's successes and challenges on the University's new podcast, Big Brains.
Learn how reporting medical costs could reform health care.

2. An academic life
In her memoir, Hanna Holborn Gray reflects on a career of firsts--including as the first woman president of UChicago. More »
Watch Gray discuss her career and the University's mission.
Read Gray's opinion on the "subversive" purpose of universities.

3. Dismal science
Economists have lost their creativity, courage, and reformist vision, says law professor Eric Posner, LAB'84, and lack solutions for rising inequality and authoritarian populism.
More »
Learn why Posner and the Chicago school have been an unexpected voice in antitrust law.
Learn why economists are split on antitrust reform in the big tech era.

4. South Side memories
The South Side Home Movie Project, which preserves historical images of everyday middle-class life, is now an online archive available to the public. More »
Explore the Home Movie Project's online collections.
Rewind to the project's beginnings with founder Jacqueline Stewart, AM'93, PhD'99, who rejoined the UChicago faculty in 2013.

5. Protocols of privacy
Why using a genealogy website's DNA database to catch the Golden State Killer is murky territory, according to NORC forensics expert John Roman. More »
Read Roman's opinion on the privacy law implications of this case.
PLUS . . .
Trauma Center's public health approach . . . Choosing a Pulitzer winner . . . A standout College essay . . . Breakthrough in quantum entanglement . . . The sociology of the coffee shop.
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Social Impact Analyst
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Amman, Jordan
Editor in Chief
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Kampala, Uganda
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Augusta Read Thomas
True virtuoso
Augusta Read Thomas writes and champions music inspired by "a whole world of sound." More »

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OI Family Workshop: Junior Archaeologists
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EPIC and CSIS Conference: Can Nuclear Compete?
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A New Play: Strait of Gibraltar
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