June 4, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Doctor-patient illustration
1. The value of primary care
Could strengthening the doctor-patient relationship bring better health care at lower costs? More »
Read up on the physician-economist studying this question.
Hear more about health economics on Harris Public Policy's podcast.

2. Up from the molecular level
UChicago's new Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering blazes the trail for a field that puts quantum science, immunology, and biotechnology to work for society. More »
Learn how quantum engineers are collaborating with the tech sector.
Read about immunoengineering's role in new cancer therapy research.
Look back at the origins of UChicago's work in molecular engineering.

3. The conspiracy craze
On the Big Brains podcast, political scientist Eric Oliver examines what draws many Americans to conspiratorial thinking--and why the country's so polarized. More »
Read about Oliver's coauthored book on conspiracy-mindedness.
Listen to Oliver talk about the subject in a multidisciplinary forum.

4. Righting the record
Their PhD studies were derailed by harassment and gender discrimination decades ago. At this month's convocation, Marilyn Webb, AM'66, and Cheryl Sundari Dembe, SM'70, will receive the degrees they deserve. More »
Read more about the experiences and careers of Webb and Dembe.

5. Machine processed
In a Chicago Booth course on artificial intelligence, students analyzed what AI does and doesn't do well. Watch this video and see if they could judge the difference between machine- and human-developed recipes. More »
Learn how human bias factors into AI--and how it can be factored out.
PLUS . . .
UChicago hits campaign milestone . . . Students cross the urban-rural divide . . . Superconductivity heats up . . . UChicago librarian's upset Jeopardy! win . . . How to regulate big tech.
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Career opportunities
Schaumburg, IL
Vice President of Portfolio and Railcar Supply Management
Sasser Family Companies
Business Design Lead
San Francisco
Backend Software Engineer
See more jobs »

In memoriam
Stanton T. Friedman
Stanton T. Friedman, SB'55, SM'56 (1934-2019)
Friedman, the ufologist who brought the Roswell incident into popular culture, died May 13. More »
Read UChicago Magazine's 2011 profile of Friedman.

Upcoming events
Celebrate at Alumni Weekend
Don't miss Alumni Weekend!
Come back June 6-9 for a campus-wide celebration of all University and Lab alumni! Register on-site for four days of fun, from reunions and receptions to behind-the-scenes tours, expert lectures and panels, and family-friendly activities. Follow and share with #UChiAW.
More events
New York City:
June Maroon Lunch
Mon. and Tues.
06/10/19 and 06/11/19
Global Congress on Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology
12-1 p.m.
Alumni Career Webinar:
Crafting Compelling Resumes and Cover Letters
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Lite of the mind
Alumni Weekend bingo card
Alumni Weekend bingo
Remember road trip bingo? Play the UChicago version in Hyde Park this weekend. More »
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