June 18, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Sybil Jordan Hampton portrait photo
1. Power of one
Since her teenage days on the front lines of school desegregation, Sybil Jordan Hampton, MST'68, has worked to ensure no American is overlooked. More »
Watch Hampton recall her time at Little Rock Central High School.
Read about Hampton and the other recipients of UChicago's 2019 Diversity Leadership Awards.

2. An atheist and two believers
Debating the future of religion, atheist philosopher Daniel Dennett, best-selling author Reza Aslan, and the Divinity School's William Schweiker found common ground by focusing on the function of faith. More »
Learn about recent scholarship on varieties of atheism.
Read about a College course examining religion through Star Wars.

3. Character study
Economist James Heckman tells NPR's Hidden Brain how a GED program in Texas helped him discover what standardized tests miss about a person's potential to flourish. More »
Read about Heckman's latest findings on intensive pre-K education.
Watch Heckman talk about the original study behind these findings.

4. Write what you don't yet know
"The domain of creative writers is to ask and complicate questions, rather than to try to answer or simplify them," says Creative Writing's Rachel DeWoskin, who has two critically acclaimed novels out this year. More »
Read about DeWoskin's approach to empathy.
See artifacts behind her story of WWII Jewish refugees in Shanghai.

5. Hack attack
Why computer scientist Ben Zhao thinks the shifting digital landscape is changing public attitudes about data privacy. More »
Watch Zhao assess US elections' vulnerability to hacking.
Learn how Zhao and his colleagues mine data to expose security flaws.
PLUS . . .
Art-buying start-up wins New Venture Challenge . . . Economist Raghuram Rajan on Big Brains . . . Free speech in high school? . . . The psychologist behind gesture studies . . . Scenes from Convocation . . . The US cultural gap isn't growing.
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Career opportunities
New York City
Strategic Product Manager
Health E-Commerce
Operations Associate
Dorsey Asset Management
Trading Assistant
GoldenStone Investments
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Sue Long portrait photo
Green economics
Gear up for a workday with REI's sustainability initiative manager, Sue Long, MBA'95. More »

Upcoming events
8-10 p.m.
Sag Harbor, NY:
Summer in the Hamptons
12:30-5:00 p.m.
San Jose, CA:
Lyric Theatre Presents The Gondoliers
8:00 a.m.-5:15 p.m.
Chicago Booth Women Connect Conference
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Lite of the mind
Jurassic winged mammalian gliders
First in flight
During the Jurassic period, these newly discovered winged mammals lived by gliding from tree to tree. More »
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