July 2, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Ron McAdow animated film still
1. Levity with legumes
Need fun family viewing this Fourth of July? Peopled with peanuts, vintage animated children's films by Ron McAdow, AB'71, are just the ticket. More »
View McAdow's Hank the Cave Peanut (1974).
See another one of his peanut films, Captain Silas (1977).
Watch a short scrapbook documentary about McAdow and his films.

2. More power to the president?
No matter who's in the Oval Office, argues political scientist and Big Brains guest William Howell, the executive branch needs more agenda-setting power to address the country's problems. More »
Get Howell's assessment of Americans' attitudes toward the government.
Learn what Howell said on a UChicago panel about rising populism.

3. Memory aids
Scientists at UChicago's Memory Research and Human Behavioral Pharmacology Labs test the human brain's responses to electrical stimulation and psychoactive drugs. More »
Read Memory Research Lab director David Gallo's insights on memory function and decline.
Hear psychiatrist Harriet de Wit explain her lab's research on psychoactive drugs and psychotherapy.

4. Monarchs going south
Monarch butterflies may be headed to the endangered species list, and research from UChicago’s Kronforst Lab suggests that captive breeding may not help. More »
Watch ecology and evolution professor Marcus Kronforst explore whether cities can save monarchs.
PLUS . . .
The LGBTQ economic divide . . . Like Earth, but better . . . Where we stand with Iran . . . An early sign of risky lending . . . Why US poverty rates are elusive.
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Career opportunities
Clinical Supervisor
Heartland Alliance
Salem, OR
Health Compliance Officer
Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services
Jersey City, NJ
Quantitative Finance Analyst
Bank of America
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Illustrated portrait of Ray Suarez
A journalist's education
The sociology professor who influenced his reporting and other reflections from Ray Suarez, AM'93. More »

Upcoming events
4:45-7:00 p.m.
Hearts of Our People: Native Women Artists Curator Tour
Noon-2 p.m.
New York City:
An Artistic Afternoon with Chicago Women's Alliance
1-3 p.m.
Washington, DC:
Cafe Philo DC
See more events across the country and around the world »

Nota bene
Monk parakeets photo
They flew the coop
Intrigued by Hyde Park's monk parakeets, ecologist Stephen Pruett-Jones helped track naturalized parrot species across the United States. The results were surprising. More »
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