July 24, 2018

UChicago Short List
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UChicago Summer Syllabus
1. Take a page from us
Getting an F. Meeting Bob Dylan. Becoming a Twainiac. This July and August the University of Chicago Magazine revisits nine alumni essays that belong on your summer reading list. More »
Tweet your favorite alumni essay to @uchicagomag.
Peruse a summer reading guide from the 2018 Quantrell and graduate teaching honorees.

2. A supreme precedent
If confirmed to the Supreme Court, could a Justice Brett Kavanaugh prevent a presidential subpoena? Unlikely, according to court expert David Strauss. More »
Read why Daniel Hemel thinks Kavanaugh's niceness counts.
Learn about a potential threat to another supreme court--in Poland.

3. A clear glass ceiling
There's no education gap to explain the persisting gender pay disparity in high-earning professions. Instead, economist Marianne Bertrand points to the inflexibility of the work itself. More »
See how couples compensate when wives earn more than husbands.
Learn how Bertrand is also helping track the US cultural divide.

4. In fearful times
The politics of fear in the United States is a bipartisan affair, says philosopher Martha C. Nussbaum, and it's debilitating to democracy. More »
Learn what Nussbaum sees in New Zealand's restorative justice model.

5. Arts Bank is back
The reopened Stony Island Arts Bank features a memorial for Tamir Rice and two summer exhibitions, including highlights from the Johnson Publishing Archive curated by Theaster Gates. More »
See what kind of art Gates will make this midterm election season.
PLUS . . .
Neutrino astronomy starts now . . . China's tech industry gains ground . . . (Not so) incognito mode . . . Tree-climbing ancient toddlers . . . Feeling sleep deprived?
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Career opportunities
Schaumburg, IL
Senior Corporate Development Analyst
Framingham, MA
Product Director, Ecommerce
Foster City, CA
Global Marketing Director, Digital Analytics
Visa Inc.
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In memoriam
Hellmut Fritzsche, 1927-2018
Hellmut Fritzsche,
Hellmut Fritzsche, the Louis Block Professor Emeritus in Physics and a pioneer in modern electronics, died June 17. More »

Upcoming events
7:15-10:15 p.m.
Los Angeles:
Cinema in a Cemetery: See The Graduate at Hollywood Forever
Noon-2 p.m.
New York:
August Maroon Lunch
1-3 p.m.
UChicago Alumni Summer Picnic
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Lite of the mind
Eating popcorn with chopsticks
Why eat popcorn with chopsticks
The secret to maximum enjoyment, says behavioral scientist Ed O'Brien, is to stave off satiation. More »
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