July 30, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Performance of the jazz opera Dear Erich
1. A jazz opera's tragic inspiration
Erich Rosenthal, AM'42, PhD'48, escaped Nazi Germany to attend UChicago. His parents remained and perished. Decades later, his son, Ted Rosenthal, has memorialized their tragic family history in music. More »
Read an essay by political science professor John Mark Hansen about a case of blood libel that presaged the 1919 Chicago race riots.

2. What will Libra unleash?
Money, like information, wants to be free. But Facebook's new cryptocurrency may run wild, cautions law professor Eric Posner. More »
Get three views on other potential uses of cryptocurrency tech.

3. John Paul Stevens (1920-2019)
John Paul Stevens, LAB'37, AB'41, one of the Supreme Court's longest-serving justices, died July 16. More »
See Geoffrey R. Stone, JD'71, talk about Stevens's legacy.
Read about the former justice's vision of the court and the Constitution.
Watch a 2011 conversation with Stevens and judicial scholar Dennis Hutchinson.

4. Bronze Age climate change
How did people respond to climate change three and five millennia ago? A cuneiform expert and an archaeologist want to know the deep context of our own anxieties about Earth's future. More »
Meet a scientist who listens to glaciers for sounds of climate change.

5. To dream the impossible meat
Impossible Foods founder Pat Brown, AB'76, PhD'80, MD'82, tells Freakonomics Radio about his goal to remake the world's food supply with animal-free meat by 2035. More »
Learn more about Brown and his company's history.
PLUS . . .
Odyssey Scholarships for international students . . . Book club gossip, Hyde Park style . . . Is gentrification all that bad? . . . More smartphone, more problems . . . How to get kids off junk food.
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Career opportunities
Financial Markets Analyst
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Research Assistant, IIC
UChicago Harris School of Public Policy
Coordinator, Strategic Partnerships
Society of Women Engineers
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Camesha Jones portrait photo
Care for the community
Camesha Jones, AM'16, founded a mental wellness clinic to help fill a gap in services on Chicago's South Side. More »

Upcoming events
Noon-1 p.m.
New York City:
August Maroon Lunch
8 p.m.
East Hampton, NY:
Linda Eder in Concert
4:30 p.m.
Durham, NC:
Ivy+ Durham Bulls Baseball Game
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Lite of the mind
Cora the soccer dog
2019 world pup
Cora the soccer-playing border collie is "a little bit of a presence on campus," says her owner, associate history and law professor Jane Dailey. More »
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