August 13, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Souvenir T-shirt with Reg Rat design
1. Secrets of Special Collections
That Reg Rat T-shirt on the cover of the latest UChicago Magazine? It's just one of many surprising artifacts in the Library's Special Collections Research Center. More »
Help us find the Reg Rat T-shirt's mystery designer.
Give Special Collections records and relics of your time as a student.
Learn about newly acquired archives of two UChicago economists.

2. Disarmed with data
Two research teams at UChicago have received major grants to study policing and gun violence. More »
Read more about the research projects on police-involved shootings and officer decision-making.
Find out how police unionization might affect rates of violent misconduct.

3. Great Lakes at gut level
The Great Lakes contain a staggering 20 percent of the world's liquid fresh water. To keep an eye on their health, Maureen Coleman and her team of geophysical scientists systematically analyze the lakes' microbe populations. More »
Voyage to the bottom of Lake Michigan to discover deep-water microbes.
Read about a College course on coastal microbiomes at the Marine Biological Laboratory.

4. Murder on the brain
Neuroscientist Jean Decety and his coauthors studied the brain scans of more than 800 incarcerated men and found that the gray matter of homicidal criminals is different than that of other offenders. More »
Discover how "empathetic anger" shapes our responses to bullies.
Read about the UChicago neuroscientists who are mapping the mind.
PLUS . . .
A gene editing first . . . The links between mass shootings and the white power movement . . . Adam Green, AB'85, on the 1919 Chicago race riot . . . How to guard against data breaches . . . Pushing for "citizen astronauts."
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Career opportunities
Data Product Analyst
South Pole
South Pole Telescope Winter-Over
Multiple Locations
Software Engineer (Backend Services)
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In memoriam
David Bevington portrait photo
David Bevington (1931-2019)
David Bevington, a leading Shakespeare scholar who taught at UChicago for more than 50 years, died August 2. More »
Send your memories of Professor Bevington to the Magazine.

Upcoming events
6-8 p.m.
Washington, DC:
Heart of the City: Young Alumni Summer Reception
11 a.m.-2 p.m.
San Francisco:
Dandelion Chocolate: Factory Tour and Ingredients Class
6:15-8:30 p.m.
New York City:
Mistakes Were Made: Storytelling about Failure
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Nota bene
Illustrated page from a law book
No mere mockery of justice
As law librarian Lyonette Louis-Jacques, AB'79, JD'86, builds a collection of illustrated law books, she finds a history of using cartoons and caricatures to reveal shades of legal nuance. More »
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