August 15, 2017

UChicago Short List
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Vivian Maier print
Nearly 500 photographic prints by Vivian Maier have a new home at the UChicago Library. More »
1. The screen-time generation
San Diego State University's Jean Twenge, AB'93, AM'93, has dubbed post-millennials, shaped by smartphones and social media, iGen. And these teens are heading, Twenge warns, for a mental health crisis. More »
See how Twenge responds to critics of her argument.
Read about Twenge's earlier research on narcissism.

2. Markets to the earth's rescue
Markets are more efficient at tackling energy and climate challenges than regulations and rebates, argues Michael Greenstone of the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago. More »
Learn how EPIC is teaching data science for energy and environment research.

3. The shape of mathematics
Math professor Amie Wilkinson celebrates two prominent women mathematicians who died this summer, one a mentor and one a young superstar. More »
See where an economist found evidence of the math confidence gender gap.

4. No five-second rule
Letting kids play in dirt, get licked by dogs, and suck on pacifiers cleaned with spit can be beneficial to their health, says Jack Gilbert of the Microbiome Center. More »
Take a quiz on what your microbiome says about you.
Read about a UChicago start-up developing a cure for food allergies.

5. Bon voyager
Launched in 1977, the Voyager spacecraft took the first color photos and close-up measurements of Jupiter, Saturn, and their moons--and then kept going. So have some of the mission's architects, such as lead scientist Ed Stone, SM'59, PhD'64. More »
Read Stone's explanations of the sounds and images of Voyager.
Learn why scientists are reconsidering how the moon formed.
HOW TO . . .
Respond to an alt-right leader . . . Contextualize North Korea . . . Depoliticize the Supreme Court . . . Confront the parents of your child's bully . . . Be more productive . . . Make vacations feel longer.
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Phoenixphest 2017

Job opportunities
Middletown, NY
Adjunct Instructor, Economics
Feitian College
Property Specialist
Deutsche Bank
Senior Development Writer
UChicago Alumni Relations and Development
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Milton Shadur, SB'43, JD'49
Courthouse legend
At 93, judge Milton Shadur, SB'43, JD'49, retires after 37 years on the federal bench. More »

Upcoming events
8-10 p.m.
East Hampton, NY:
R&B Legend Mavis Staples at Guild Hall
Noon-1 p.m.
Typical Legal Issues for Start-ups
Noon-6:30 p.m.
Del Mar, CA:
A Day at the Del Mar Racetrack
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Lite of the mind
Eclipse mania
Eclipse mania
Where are UChicago's astronomers heading to watch the first total solar eclipse the United States has seen since 1979? More »
Read how eclipses have explained the world throughout history.
See photos of UChicago faculty on solar eclipse expeditions from 1900 and 1918.
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