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August 16, 2016

UChicago Short List
News, job listings, events, and more for University of Chicago alumni, parents, families, and friends.
Exploring the meaning of ethical redevelopment
Camera thumbnail What makes redevelopment ethical? At a Place Lab event, artists, academics, and community activists explored how best to address underserved neighborhoods. Learn more »
1. Photography from the periphery
For 50 years photographer Danny Lyon, AB'63, has been documenting social change and life outside the mainstream. More »
Get details on Lyon's current exhibit at the Whitney Museum.
See more of Lyon's photographs and films.

2. Warming up
This year is on track to be the hottest in history. In a podcast from the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago, scientists discuss how climate change will affect health, productivity, and crime--and how we can prepare. More »
Find out when Maine will be warmer than present-day Mexico.
Explore more findings from EPIC.

3. Heads or tails?
Contemplating a major life decision? According to research from economics professor Steven Levitt, it may be best to flip a coin. More »
Listen to Levitt's Freakonomics podcast.
Learn how financial trading can alter the brain's decision-making processes.

4. That bird is poison
When Jack Dumbacher, SM'95, PhD'97, discovered poisonous birds in Papua New Guinea, he also discovered gaps in our understanding of evolution. More »
Read how turtles are an evolutionary link between birds and dinosaurs.

5. Post-Olympic pursuit
After finishing second in her heat in the women's 50-meter freestyle event, second-year Naomy Grand'Pierre plans to use her status as Haiti's first female Olympic swimmer to champion the sport that country. More »
Read how visualization can help Olympic athletes.
Learn how athletes can avoid choking under pressure.
See photos of past UChicago Olympians.
PLUS . . .
How artists changed SoHo . . . Why the Amish don't get asthma . . . Q&A with UCPD leaders . . . How slo-mo video influences juries . . . Kurt Vonnegut's (AM'71) letter to the future . . . Law students collaborate on SCOTUS brief.
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Career opportunities
Delhi, India
Research Manager
The Tata Centre for Development at UChicago
Oak Brook, IL
Strategy Analyst
Student Affairs Coordinator
Institute for Molecular Engineering
Executive Director, Campaign Management
University of Chicago
Lecturer in Yiddish
University of Chicago
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Assistant professor of sociology Forrest Stuart
Worn bootstraps
Assistant professor Forrest Stuart spent five years on Los Angeles's Skid Row to explore how policing and rehabilitation efforts affect its homeless inhabitants. More »
Watch Stuart discuss law enforcement's shifting roles.
Read an excerpt from Down, Out, and Under Arrest (University of Chicago Press, 2016).

Upcoming events
5:30-8:30 p.m.
Chicago: Breakfast for Dinner with Ina Pinkney and Doug Sohn at Cliff Dwellers
6-8 p.m.
New York City: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds
4-7 p.m.
Berkeley, CA: Margaret of Anjou by Lauren Jansen-Parkes and William Shakespeare
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Lite of the mind
Botany Pond maze
A-maze-ing campus
Get lost and found in idyllic Botany Pond with this summertime maze. Solve the maze »
Watch ducklings paddle in Botany Pond.
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