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August 25, 2015

UChicago Short List
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The octopus, alien of the sea
1. UChicago lab sequences genome of an "alien"
Clifton Ragsdale, professor in the Departments of Neurobiology and Organismal Biology and Anatomy, on the octopus, a creature "utterly different from all other animals."

Watch animated gifs showing how octopuses use camouflage.
Learn more about Ragsdale's
cephalopod research.
Schadenfreude, the Ragsdale lab's pet octopus.

2. Oops! We made a new kind of glass

It's the most-viewed story ever on the UChicago News Office website: In an unforeseen discovery, molecular scientists produced glass with an organized molecular structure.

Read the Reddit AMA interview with researcher Shakeel Dalal.
Shared by @UChicago, @Argonne, @UChiResearch.
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3. Teacher of teachers
Ten beloved College professors talk about what they've learned in the classroom.
Meet the 2015 Quantrell Award winners.
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4. Ancient Egyptian prenuptial agreements
The real housewives of ancient Egypt had eight-foot-long prenups.
Learn more about Egyptologist Emily Teeter, PhD'90, and her work.
@UChicagoHum and @OrientalInst.

5. Hire a Maroon
Have you hired a UChicago grad at your company? Let us know, and we will send a small gift in appreciation.
Visit Alumni Career Services for webinars, job listings, and more.
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PLUS . . .
Taking peer review onto Twitter . . . Why subsidized childcare is vital . . . Creative writing's Vu Tran talks Dragonfish . . .
Is big data making us healthier? . . . The future of domestic drones.
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Career opportunities
Austin, TX
VP of Marketing
Enviro-Shield Inc.
Care Specialist
Education Specialist
University of Chicago
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In memoriam
Amy Kass
Amy Kass, AB'62
Amy Kass, who taught in the College's Humanities Core for 34 years, died August 19. More »

Upcoming events
6-8 p.m.
(Washington, DC) Latino Alumni Network and Alumni Law Society Happy Hour
6-8 p.m.
(New York City) Reversing Mass Incarceration: Opportunities for Transforming the Criminal Justice System
6-9 p.m.
(Chicago) Alumni Club of Chicago Kickoff
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Lite of the mind
Lite of the mind image
UChicago on the silver screen
From Divergent to When Harry Met Sally, the University of Chicago has star quality. Watch ยป

Read an alumni appreciation of When Harry Met Sally.
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