August 29, 2017

UChicago Short List
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We are thinking of UChicago community members affected by Hurricane Harvey. We hope you and your families are safe.
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1. Evergreen
For 20 years Richard Bumstead has tended the University's botanic garden. Where did he once envision putting a giant fountain? And why does it stink by Botany Pond? More »
Learn how the Quad Club's garden feeds this summer recipe.

2. Busting barriers
Two College students made it their mission to create a campus monument to Georgiana Simpson, AB 1911, AM 1920, PhD 1921, the first African American woman at UChicago to earn a doctorate. More »
Learn more about Simpson and other African Americans in UChicago's early history.

3. Human capital
Nobelist Gary Becker, AM'53, PhD'55, made people's abilities a central part of economic theory. More »
Read more about Becker, who died in 2014.
Learn how one undergrad came to count Becker as a mentor.
See how Denise Shull, AM'95, untangles Wall Street traders' emotions.

4. Lexicographer (noun)
Orin Hargraves, AB'77, explains why he works on dictionaries, even though "the pay is not great." More »
Learn why using a foreign language strips emotion from decision making.
PLUS . . .
UChicago responds to Charlottesville . . . How arsenic is poisoning a nation . . . Why partners cheat . . . How academic opinion polling works . . . How opioid overdoses tax ICUs . . . Why some videos satisfy us.
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Phoenixphest 2017

Job opportunities
Probation Officer
US District Court
Los Angeles
Compass Lexecon
Oakland, CA
Business Development Manager
Kaiser Permanente
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Jennifer Atala, AB'02
Middle East peacemaker
Jennifer Atala, AB'02, forges Israeli-Palestinian business partnerships as a means toward change. More »

Homecoming 2017

Upcoming events
Various cities, India:
Book launch for I Do What I Do: On Reform, Rhetoric, and Resolve
6:00-8:30 p.m.
New York City:
Panel Discussion: Immigration and America
7:20-9:00 p.m.
Hartford, CT:
Get a Clue! Mystery Tour
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Lite of the mind
The world's first fidget spinner?
The world's first fidget spinner?
Well, no. But an Oriental Institute artifact, mislabeled a "spinning toy" for decades, gained lots of attention from an excited Reddit user. More »
Take a virtual tour of the OI.
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