September 5, 2018

UChicago Short List
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Marine Biological Laboratory College courses
1. Science by the sea
In three weeks, a group of undergrads developed original research on DNA samples from land- and sea-dwelling microbiomes--work done in one of three inaugural courses at the Marine Biological Laboratory. More »
Learn what role the microbiome may play in food allergies.

2. Time to reassess
Harris professor Christopher Berry, AM'98, PhD'02, created a new computer model to fix Cook County's regressive property tax system. Then politics got involved. More »
Read Berry's criticism of the assessor's "seat-of-the-pants approach."

3. Cost-conscious care
The cutting edge of health care reform turns to trimming around the edges. One potential area for shaving costs: long-term care hospitals. More »
Follow a clinical trial testing the benefits of comprehensive care.
Learn how tweaks to high-cost prescriptions could save billions.

4. Sexism, USA
These are the most sexist states in the nation, according to researchers at the Becker Friedman Institute, who found that early sexist encounters affect women's later earnings. More »
Learn about the revival of 1950s research on women working in law.

5. Culinary catalyst
A community job-training program is opening doors for South Side workers--to the University and to the culinary arts. More »
Learn more about UChicago Local, the initiative behind this program.
Hear how UChicago is strengthening its role as an "anchor institution."
PLUS . . .
Geoffrey Stone's (JD'71) judicial pessimism . . . First Obama Foundation Scholars . . . Can fifth graders do calculus? . . . Gifts that wow . . . Trade war uncertainty . . . No summer vacation for innovation.
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Career opportunities
Buy-Side Equity Research Analyst
Fiduciary Management Inc.
Chicago Field Marketing Representative
Media Coordination
Illinois State Board of Education
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Sam Kass
Food guide
Former White House chef Sam Kass, LAB'98, AB'04, is serving up new recipes and improvements to food policy. More »

Upcoming events
New York City:
September Maroon Lunch
7:30-9:30 p.m.
Seattle Alumni Book Club
10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
St. Petersburg, FL:
The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art Tour
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Lite of the mind
College doodling
We caught up with a former College doodler, whose classroom sketches include a portrait of Herman Sinaiko, AB'47, PhD'61 (1929-2011). More »
Have your own class doodles? Scan and send them to us.
See Sinaiko's scribbles in his classroom copy of the Iliad.
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