September 10, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Oriental Institute
1. The OI at 100
Since the Oriental Institute's founding in 1919, the work of archaeologists has evolved. Three faculty members and the OI Museum's chief curator assess the field's past and future.
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Discover the history of some key OI scholars, sites, and treasures.
Learn about director Christopher Woods and his vision for the OI's future.
Experience one of the OI Museum's public programs for children.
Plan to attend an OI centennial lecture, film, or exhibit.

2. A touch bionic
Computer scientist Pedro Lopes is reimagining the role of "human" in human-computer interaction. More »
Watch Lopes's experiment with wearable tech that uses electrical muscle stimulation to speed up human reaction time.
Learn more about UChicago research on human-computer interaction.

3. Jump-start for alumni start-ups
At the first Alumni New Venture Challenge, Maroon entrepreneurs pitched ready-to-drink toddler formula, language instruction apps, rentable microspaces, and more. Here's who took home the oversized checks. More »
Read about the winners of this year's College New Venture Challenge.
Take this alumna's advice on getting your start-up in the press.

4. To keep healthy, keep company
Center on Aging director Linda Waite tells the Big Brains podcast why health care should address the quality of people's social lives. More »
See what Waite's data shows about aging, sleep, and cognitive function.
Read an excerpt from two law professors' book on aging thoughtfully.
Discover why you should talk to strangers.
PLUS . . .
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at Harris Public Policy . . . Weston Game Lab's campus welcome party . . . The origins of "going Dutch" . . . Yes, you can get a personality reboot . . . Online retail's "dark patterns."
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Career opportunities
Development Coordinator
Children's Research Triangle
New York City
Project Catalyst (Junior Market Researcher)
Dogs Bollocks 5
New York City
Content Creator
Shift Markets
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Manuel Aragones portrait photo
Data and disappearances
Tech entrepreneur Manuel Aragonés, MPP'16, is using data to help the Mexican government address the country's missing persons crisis. More »

Upcoming events
1:30-3:00 p.m.
Best Architecture Walking Tour for Design Lovers
2:00-4:30 p.m.
New York City:
Kite Flying and Picnic in Central Park
6-8 p.m.
Phoenixphest Happy Hour
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Nota bene
Photograph by Vivian Maier
Modern treasures
Thousands of prints by Chicago street photographer Vivian Maier, who found posthumous fame after a collector's chance discovery, were recently donated to the University of Chicago Library. See some of the newly revealed work. More »
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