September 12, 2017

UChicago Short List
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Painting of CP-1 experiment
1. Manhattan's critical moment
Seventy-five years ago, Enrico Fermi and team achieved the world's first controlled, self-sustaining nuclear reaction under the old Stagg Field. More »
See a list of events on the complex implications of CP-1.

2. Is ending DACA legal?
According to Law School assistant professor Daniel Hemel, the decision to repeal DACA ignores an important principle in administrative law. More »
Read President Zimmer's letters about DACA to President Trump and Illinois's congressional delegation.
Learn more about what DACA actually does.

3. Floats like an ant, stings like an ant
An expert on Solenopsis invicta explains Houston's floating fire ant colonies. More »
Read about a project bringing beehives to campus rooftops.

4. Fashions fade, style is eternal
The 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style reflects changes in social media and technology. More »
Brush up on your Akkadian with UChicago's new online dictionary.

5. Making a story out of economics
In Chicago Booth Review, one economist advocates for "narrative economics," using humanities-inspired storytelling to explain macroeconomic events. More »
Read how Jonathan Levy, AM'03, PhD'08, teaches the story of the modern corporation.
Learn how stand-up comedy routines inspire Chicago Booth's Ed O'Brien.
PLUS . . .
Posner, the "Mozart of legal writing," retires . . . George Clooney took in a refugee, now a UChicago student . . . Questions for the Muslim Students Association . . . New evening master's program in public policy.
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Phoenixphest 2017

Job opportunities
Director, Marketing
BSD-Medical Center Development, University of Chicago
Senior Analyst, Corporate Development
Cantrel Medical
Los Angeles
National PLS Analyst
Point B
Alumni News Editor
University of Chicago Magazine
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Sessue Hayakawa, AB 1913
International superstar
A century ago, actor Sessue Hayakawa, AB 1913, was a leading Hollywood heartthrob. More »
Watch a clip of Hayakawa in The Dragon Painter (1919).

Upcoming events
11 a.m.-1 p.m.
21st Century Ballot Readiness with BallotReady cofounder Alex Niemczewski, AB'09
4-7 p.m.
Tempe, AZ:
Alumni Happy Hour
7-11 p.m.
West Hollywood:
Great Hera! Wonder Woman Outdoor Screening
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Lite of the mind
UChicago students among most caffeinated
UChicago is number one ... in coffee consumption
All that studying is "apparently fueled by caffeinated beverages." More »
Watch beans being ground where God drinks coffee.
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