September 24, 2019

UChicago Short List
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Dieter Roelstraete interacts with Hutopia.
1. The hutty professor
How do our living spaces shape our thinking? That question animated an "art-meets-philosophy" course about huts and hermetic thinkers taught by Neubauer Collegium curator Dieter Roelstraete. More »
Explore Hutopia, the companion exhibition to Roelstraete's course.
Find out what got Roelstraete thinking about huts.

2. Light hearted
It's been 60 years since pacemakers were first used in human hearts. Today associate chemistry professor Bozhi Tian is at work on a less-invasive, light-powered, biodegradable nanoscale version. More »
Discover what else the device's nanotechnology can do for medical care.

3. Machine learning on the job
How is artificial intelligence changing the workplace? Three Chicago Booth experts weigh in. More »
Learn four things business professionals need to know about AI.
Find out why AI isn't boosting the economy (yet).

4. In the zone
How psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, AB'60, PhD'65, found his flow--and gave popular culture a sense of "optimal experience." More »
Meet a Chicago Booth professor who studies the psychology of motivation.

5. New sounds on campus grounds
This exhibition dials up the campus tour experience. Starting Friday, nine Chicago sound artists will turn the Swift Hall cloister garden, Snell-Hitchcock Quad, and other sites into resonating installation spaces. More »
Learn more about these sound works and where to find them this fall.
Stop by the Renaissance Society for a photography exhibition about Ohio autoworkers.
PLUS . . .
My Very Own Library connects children with books . . . Naming seven College houses . . . Where career prep meets the liberal arts . . . Archaeology, statecraft, and the OI . . . Who are the 0.01 percent?
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2020 Alumni Board Nominations

Career opportunities
Multiple Locations
Women's Health Primary Care Provider
Ms. Medicine
Multiple Locations
Data Science Fellowship
The Data Incubator
Senior Consultant, Cancer Center Network
Massachusetts General Hospital
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Cecelia Watson illustrated portrait
On the mark
Cecelia Watson, AM'05, demystifies a punctuation bugaboo in her history of the semicolon. More »

2019 Homecoming Block Party | October 12, 2019

Upcoming events
6-9 p.m.
Washington, DC:
Phoenixphest Happy Hour
Multiple times
Alumni New Venture Challenge Kickoff
8:00 a.m.-5:15 p.m.
Booth Women Connect Conference
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Lite of the mind
Illustration of bees and hive
Beelining it
For the past year, student agriculture club Phoenix Farms kept three beehives, staged them, and sent them off for pollination duty. Follow the hives' cross-country journey. More »
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