October 22, 2019    
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News for the UChicago community
Battery pioneer John B. Goodenough, SM'50, PhD'52, did more than enough to earn the scientific community's admiration, and now the UChicago community celebrates its 92nd Nobel laureate. Keep scrolling to meet a tech entrepreneur devoted to human welfare and to find out why math professors feel so strongly about chalkboards.
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1. Toward a safer world
The first lecture in a series hosted by the nonpartisan Chicago Project on Security and Threats (CPOST) brought together former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former secretary of defense Chuck Hagel for a hard look at today's geopolitical problems. More 
Watch CPOST founder Robert Pape, PhD'88, discuss US troop withdrawal from Syria.
Hear CPOST's Paul Staniland, AB'04, explain India-Pakistan tensions over Kashmir.
2. High-powered prize
Among a trio of scientists who helped develop the lithium-ion battery, John B. Goodenough, SM'50, PhD'52, received a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for work that "laid the foundation of a wireless, fossil fuel-free society." More 
Look back at UChicago Magazine's 2016 profile of Goodenough.
Find out what last year's alumnus Nobelist learned at Burning Man.
View the complete list of UChicago-affiliated Nobelists.
3. Founding poets
Literary scholar Lauri Ramey, AM'75, PhD'96, sees the history of African American poetry as an unbroken arc from slave songs to present-day verse. More 
Attend Ramey's upcoming Seminary Co-op talk about her latest work.
Read about poet Langston Hughes's stint as a lecturer at Lab.
Learn how Eve Ewing, AB'08, combines the work of poet and scholar.
4. Within the city's interests
Assessing credit quality and risk, bond rating agencies like Moody's can cement the fates of cities--or does that give them too much credit? Historian Destin Jenkins offers his analysis. More 
Get a practitioner's perspective on public finance from Harris Public Policy's Michael Belsky, AM'83.
Watch Belsky comment on Chicago's financial outlook.
5. Surprise yourself
Behavioral scientist Nicholas Epley joins the Big Brains podcast to explain why talking to strangers is good for us. More 
Learn about Epley's research on the impulses that escalate social conflict.
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New model for graduate-student funding  +  This Thursday: watch the Chicago Quantum Summit online  +  O-Week alternate reality game about climate change  +  Leon Lederman's Pan-American physics  +  What we mean when we talk about free expression  +  See more stories
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Bryan Johnson portrait photo
Augmented humanity
Braintree founder Bryan Johnson, MBA'07, turns his attention to entrepreneurs "rewriting the operating systems of life." More 
Cosette Nazon-Wilburn portrait photo
Lead with love
Cosette Nazon-Wilburn created the LUV Institute to help underserved young people graduate and get ready for college and the workforce. More 
Photography by Jessica Wynne
Chalkboard as canvas
Two UChicago mathematicians inspired a photographer's study of the graphic art in mathematical thought. More 
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