October 24, 2017

UChicago Short List
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The Shoreland
1. Tinged with ghosts
Horror filmmaker Matilda "Mattie" Szydagis, AB'95, whose shorts have won recent film festival awards, recalls the Shoreland's Shining aura and Halloween in Hyde Park. More »
Learn how Philip Kaufman, AB'58, remade Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

2. The birds
The soot-stained feathers from 100-year-old avian corpses reveal clues about urban smoke pollution over time. More »
Learn what percentage of Americans want the government to address climate change.
See EPIC's Air Quality-Life Index.

3. Star bursts
Daniel Holz, SM'94, PhD'98, describes the detection of the first gravitational waves from two neutron stars colliding--and its "staggering insights about our universe." More »
Watch Holz discuss the discovery.
Read how Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, who would have turned 107 last week, explained why some stars form black holes.

4. Very superstitious
Behavioral scientist Jane Risen explains why superstitions can influence even nonbelievers. More »
Learn how magical thinking can affect business.
Get the truth on some old campus myths, including the lamentable tragedy of Ida Noyes.

5. Free expression in academia
For defending the free speech that makes educational excellence possible, writes Bret Stephens, AB'95, President Robert J. Zimmer is "the most essential voice in American academia today." More »
Learn about a UChicago-hosted meeting of university presidents and provosts to discuss free speech.
Read why a culture of rigorous inquiry demands an environment with diverse perspectives in UChicago's new diversity and inclusion initiative (PDF).
PLUS . . .
Polsky Center partners with University of Illinois . . . Linguistics for laypeople . . . Fatimah Baeshen, AM'09, Saudi embassy's first official spokeswoman . . . 15 jobs that can't be automated.
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Job opportunities
New York
Financial Analyst
JBP Foundation
Chief Program Officer
Umoja Student Development Corporation
San Francisco
Senior Product Manager
LGBTQ Career Services Specialist
University of Chicago
Biological Sciences Division
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Mortician Caitlin Doughty
Modern mortician
Alternative undertaker Caitlin Doughty's (AB'12, Class of 2006) new book offers "a travelogue of death rituals." More »
Read more about Doughty, who wants to change Americans' perceptions of death.

Signature event
Career Month
Career Month
November 2017
This year UChicago's Career Month is entirely online. Throughout November you can learn from and engage with fellow Maroons in a curated series of 16 career-focused webinars focused on transitions, job skills, and industries.
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More upcoming events
11 a.m.-1 p.m.
Were the Framers Right about Constitutional Design?
5:15-6:30 p.m.
The Franke Forum presents Deborah Nelson on "An Unsentimental Education"
6-8 p.m.
Washington, DC, Harper Lecture:
Algorithms and the Environment
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Lite of the mind
Halloween with the Library
Library haunts
The Library's guide to Halloween resources offers books that go bump in the night, pumpkin recipes, and a scary set of intellectual inquiries. More »
Watch University Symphony Orchestra conductor Barbara Schubert lead a 2013 costumed rendition of "Thriller," and attend this year's Halloween concert.
See the Ida Noyes ghost, if you dare.
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