October 30, 2018

UChicago Short List
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American skyscrapers and racial perception
1. Heightened discrimination
How the emergence of the American skyscraper complicated the national conversation about race, according to English associate professor Adrienne Brown. More »
Meet an alum who sees architecture as a tool for social change.

2. Before you vote
You won't be alone in resorting to guesswork on the ballot next Tuesday. Here are common strategies voters use to suss out lists of unfamiliar candidates. More »
Research your own ballot and take it to the polls.
Hear why Nate Silver's (AB'00) predictions ignore early voting.

3. A new venture for alumni
The Polsky Center's start-up accelerator program introduces a new competition for all UChicago alumni. More »
Join the Alumni New Venture Challenge's online kickoff November 8.

4. Urban soundscape
Its alumni include Albert Einstein, Kevin Bacon, and Questlove, but Philadelphia's Settlement Music School, led by Helen Eaton, AM'00, wants music education for everyone. More »
Revisit a Logan Center panel on diversity in classical music.

5. Cerebral scares
What are you watching on Halloween? Revisit the 2013 remake of Carrie, directed by Kimberly Peirce, AB'90, who talked to UChicago Magazine that year. More »
Pair it with Philip Kaufman's (AB'58) remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
Read about Court Theatre's premiere of an alumni-cofounded multimedia Frankenstein.
Drop in on a College course where students learn to stage terror.
PLUS . . .
A campus vigil for Pittsburgh . . . A new University partnership . . . The future of brain-controlled prosthetics . . . How to treat chronic pain . . . Larry Krasner, AB'93, Philly's reformer . . . Why we still play the lottery.
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New Public Policy Research

Career opportunities
Real Estate Accountant
Bond Companies
Brand and Community Manager
Multiple locations
Data Analytics, Big Data, Senior Consultant
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Mari Carmen Ramirez
Art's expanded borders
Curator Mari Carmen Ramírez, AM'78, PhD'89, helps put Latin American art on the map. More »

Signature event
Grow your career this November
Grow your career this November
UChicago's Career Month is entirely online. Throughout November you'll have the opportunity to learn from and engage with fellow Maroons in a specially curated series of career-focused webinars.
Make time in November 2018 to hear from experts in a variety of fields--no matter where you live, you can participate.
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More upcoming events
New York City:
November Maroon Lunch
6-7 p.m.
Quantum Engineering: The Next Technological Space Race
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Washington, DC:
Harper Lecture: On the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
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Dark side of the mind
Become a fossil
Seven ways to become a fossil
Not satisfied with being a skeleton only on Halloween? The right conditions could make you part of humanity's fossil legacy, geologist Susan Kidwell helps explain. More »
Read more about fossils in the October issue of µChicago.
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