November 5, 2019    
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News for the UChicago community
Editor's note: At one point during the 2019 World Marathon Challenge, Greg Nance, AB'11, ran 16 miles with severe quad cramps, twisting like a lizard on its hind legs. Read on to learn why he calls that a "privilege," to meet an alumna who became friends with Frank Lloyd Wright, and for tips on how to find your stolen bike.
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1. On the Wright side of design
She couldn't stop International Style design, but editor and Frank Lloyd Wright confidant Elizabeth Gordon, PhB'27, built the magazine House Beautiful into a serious commercial and architectural influence. More 
Go inside a course cotaught by a physicist and an architect.
Smarten up your own décor with campus-inspired luminarias.
2. Beyond 26.2
Greg Nance, AB'11, ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. More 
Learn about Dyad, Nance's academic and career mentorship startup.
Meet nonagenarian swimming champ Maurine Kornfeld, AB'42, AM'48.
3. The disappearance of Sakha
Lenore Grenoble and fellow UChicago linguistics professors want to know how language contact leads to language loss. More 
Find out why scholars study endangered languages.
Watch Arika Okrent, PhD'04, explain how we know languages are related.
4. Keys to the cities
On the Big Brains podcast, Luis Bettencourt talks about building sustainable cities by studying a million neighborhoods. More 
See Bettencourt's research applied in sub-Saharan Africa.
Discover how urbanization affects the Galapagos Islands.
5. A deep dive
How do hurricanes affect the depths of the ocean? Marine Biological Laboratory scientists plumbed the question. More 
Find out what climate change could mean for New England.
Dip your toe into a marine biology course for UChicago undergrads.
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Quit vaping  +  Find your stolen bike  +  A bet on black holes  +  Why sleep deprivation makes you crave junk food  +  Sleeves for cyborgs  +  UChicago's Jeopardy! champ returns.  +  See more stories
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November 14
Learn about Hittite art at the Boston Harper Lecture 
November 16
Volunteer in Central Park with the NYC Alumni Club 
November 16
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Job of the week
Engineering support associate, CenturyLink, Chicago 
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Professional development
November 6
Get advice on shifting careers from people who have done it. 
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Jonathan Kleinbard
Jonathan Kleinbard (1939-2019)
Jonathan Kleinbard, who spent most of his career working to improve UChicago's relationship with the surrounding community, died October 16. More 
C. Riley Snorton
Overlapping worlds
English professor C. Riley Snorton seeks a new vocabulary for black, queer, and trans histories. More 
Ink by the barrel
Historian Ada Palmer on seven ways the printing press changed the world. More 
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