November 7, 2017

UChicago Short List
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Life after death in ancient Egypt
The ancient Egyptians left meticulous instructions on how to navigate the afterlife. Learn all about it at an OI exhibit. More »
1. The future of economics
In recognition of trustee Kenneth Griffin's $125 million gift toward financial aid, faculty support, and a research incubator in economics, the department will be renamed the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics. More »
Learn how current UChicago faculty are reconsidering Chicago school ideas on monopolies.
Read about Nobelist Richard Thaler and UChicago econ's influence.

2. All the microbes
In "the most macro study of the microscopic world ever published," UChicago researchers are helping to catalog every microbe on earth. More »
Learn about the University's Department of Sanitary Science.

3. Age cannot wither her
Love and sex are not just for the young, the Law School's Martha Nussbaum writes. Take Antony and Cleopatra. More »
Read about an alumni couple's sunset Brooklyn tradition.

4. Uncharted
From dark matter to gravitational waves to a balloon-borne telescope, scientists learn from setbacks and push ahead. More »
Learn about the controversy over how to measure the universe's expansion.

5. When internships don't pay, UChicago will
UChicago is among schools helping to pay students for internships at nonprofits, notes the New York Times. More »
Read why Odyssey students are guaranteed an internship after their first year.
PLUS . . .
No robot takeover--yet . . . Got your flu shot? . . . Sports Illustrated visits UChicago . . . Alumni Medal, professional achievement awards . . . Missed yesterday's Latke-Hamantash debate? Relive some oldies.
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Job opportunities
Madison, Wisconsin
Software tester
Madison, Wisconsin
Software developer
Associate director, event data management
UChicago Alumni Relations and Development
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In memoriam
David Wallace
David Wallace, 1928-2017
Using big data before it was everywhere, David Wallace helped to deduce who wrote 12 of the Federalist Papers. More »

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Chicago Booth Angels Network Autumn Pitch
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New York:
Poetry Open Mic featuring Tadeusz Dabrowski
6-10 p.m.
San Francisco:
Volunteer at SF-Marin Food Bank and Alumni Happy Hour
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Lite of the mind
1914 dirigible footage
UChicago of yore
In 1914 aviation pioneer Roy Knabenshue brought his dirigible to Chicago and filmed the city, including the University (around the 3:46 mark). More »
See the Library's photos of the Classics Building and Rosenwald Hall under construction in 1914.
Nominate faculty, staff, or alumni for a Diversity Leadership Award through November 17 »
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