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November 8, 2016

UChicago Short List
News, careers, events, and more for University of Chicago alumni, parents, families, and friends.
US Navy medic Frederick Foote, AB'80
1. Safe harbor
Aboard the USS Comfort, Navy physician and poet Frederick Foote, AB'80, treated soldiers and civilians during the Iraq War. Now, at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, he's using art and nature to help veterans heal. More »
Listen to Foote read his poetry and talk holistic medicine.
Read about Law students' work in the Combat Clemency Project.
Learn how Todd Connor, MBA'07, is supporting veteran entrepreneurs.
Join the Alumni Association's Military Affinity Group.

2. After the election
Ten UChicago scholars offer the next president advice on growing the economy, countering terrorism, reducing poverty, and more. More »
Read Senator Bernie Sanders's (AB'64) postelection plans.
Learn how President Obama's behavioral nudges can outlast his presidency.

3. Business people
The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers step-by-step advice on finding the right people to help you succeed. More »
Get career tips from Kate Bensen, AB'80, CEO of women-based Chicago Network.
Connect with alumni and business leaders at a Career Month event.

4. The curious case of the disappearing continent
Sixty million years ago, a giant Pacific land mass disappeared without a trace. Now three planetary scientists at UChicago have solved the mystery. More »
Read how badly mixed elemental "soup" created the solar system.

5. A storied life
As publisher of the Washington Post from 1963 to 1979, Katharine Graham, AB'38, led the newspaper through the Watergate investigation, the Pentagon Papers release, and high-profile labor disputes--and made history herself. More »
Read an interview with ABC correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, AB'03.
Learn how journalism is changing from the New York Times's Kinsey Wilson, AB'79.
PLUS . . .
Physicist, teacher, and resident master Isaac Abella, 1934-2016 . . . Chalk murals welcome new Maroons . . . When robots rule the earth . . . Whet Moser, AB'04, recaps the Cubs' win . . . Brewpub coming to Hyde Park.
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Career opportunities
Washington, DC
Research Assistant
UN Population Fund
Social Media Manager
University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
University of Chicago Divinity School
Development Writer
University of Chicago, Alumni Relations and Development
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Kelly Bulkeley, PhD'92
American dreams
Kelly Bulkeley, PhD'92, explores what our dreams reveal about our religion, our culture, and our politics. More »
Read some of the dreams Bulkeley has collected during the 2016 election.

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Lite of the mind
The straw poll of 1936
Fake socialists! Real imposters! The "Roosevelt smile"!
An on-campus presidential straw poll in 1936 resulted in a victory for FDR and lots of political hijinks. More »
See more archival photos of political events on campus.
Learn how to preserve a souvenir newspaper.
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