November 13, 2018

UChicago Short List
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Justin Driver illustration
1. The Constitution goes to school
In his new book, law professor Justin Driver argues that public schools are "the most significant site of constitutional interpretation within the nation's history." More »
Read Driver's take on the Supreme Court's role in student rights.
Hear Driver discuss the history of constitutional rights in schools.

2. Voter surge on campus
More than 70 percent of College students registered to vote on the TurboVote app in last Tuesday's election--the highest rate of any US school, according to the service. More »
Learn more about the UChi Votes initiative to boost the campus vote.
Read about Medicaid expansion's effect on voter turnout.
Understand the logic behind populism's recent boom.

3. Human life enriched
Philosopher Martha C. Nussbaum has won the Berggruen Institute's $1 million prize for having "profoundly shaped human self-understanding and advancement in a rapidly changing world." More »
Learn why Nussbaum wants us to stop asking what it means to be human.
Sample Nussbaum and law professor Saul Levmore's book on aging.

4. Open-air gallery
As artistic director of the 2019 Chicago Architecture Biennial, Logan Center curator Yesomi Umolu's gallery extends across the city. More »
Check out UChicago Arts's new Green Line Performing Arts Center.
Read about a Smart Museum exhibit spotlighting South Side art.

5. Second sight
Psychologist Nancy L. Segal, AM'74, PhD'82, discusses what we can learn about human health and personality from twins, and what popular media get wrong about them. More »
Learn more about Segal's research and her own experience as a twin.
PLUS . . .
Dana Suskind talks early language exposure on Big Brains . . . Ling Ma's (AB'05) novel wins Kirkus Prize . . . More support for College scholars . . . New office for military-affiliated communities . . . Parker Solar Probe reaches a milestone.
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Career opportunities
New York City
Software Engineer
Licensed Therapist/Women's Mental Health Clinician
Jamie Kreiter Therapy
New York City
Corporate Finance Associate-Cryptocurrency Technology
Shift Markets
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Miles Morgan photo
A Yank at Eton
Miles Morgan, AB'17, AM'17, reflects on teaching at one of England's most famous boarding schools. More »

Upcoming events
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Millennials and the Midterms: Where Are We Now?
7:30-9:00 a.m.
Breakfast and Conversation with David Booth, MBA'71
01/10/19 and 01/17/18
New York City and Chicago:
Chicago Booth Economic Outlook 2019
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Lite of the mind
UChicago Library Turkey Day resource guide
Turkeys of a different feather
Why did this cartoonist picture Teddy Roosevelt as the patron saint of domesticated turkeys? Where did Turkey Trot races get their name? Bring some erudition to the Thanksgiving table, courtesy of the UChicago Library. More »
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