November 19, 2019    
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News for the UChicago community
With Thanksgiving near, here are some stories to share at your table. Learn about an alumnus who developed more than 40 vaccines, a recent study on tipping, and the living things inside your mouth (who are just as excited about Thanksgiving dinner as we hope you are).
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1. Of poultry and prevention
As we face flu season, let's give thanks for prolific vaccinologist Maurice Hilleman, PhD'44 (1919-2005). Here's why his fight against infectious disease had some feathered friends to thank. More 
Watch the trailer for a film about how Hilleman's work changed the world.
Follow these easy steps to identify and ward off the seasonal flu.
2. Literature is freedom
A new biography of Susan Sontag, AB'51, reveals an intellectual who "made thinking exciting." More 
Learn how Sontag fits into an "unsentimental" school of thinkers.
3. Over tipping?
Economist John List tells Freakonomics Radio what makes the US practice of tipping workers strange, controversial, and unlikely to go away. More 
Get further insights from List's study of tipping among Uber riders.
4. Good life gone bad
What's happened to the American dream and the more basic idea of an American public sphere? English professor Lauren Berlant joins the Big Brains podcast to weigh in. More 
Read about Berlant's influence on cultural thought in the Trump era.
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Your mouth's microbiome  +  All-ages opera  +  Did Catholicism create the Western mind?  +  Same sex human reproduction  +  Mass surveillance is bigger than Big Brother  +  See more stories
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November 21 and 22
November 27
Watch the Chicago Bulls play the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco 
November 28
Have Thanksgiving dinner with the Alumni Club of Singapore 
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November 21
Learn strategies for finding and keeping mentors 
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Eve L. Ewing
The poet-sociologist's perspective
Advice for a brand-new Maroon and other thoughts from Eve L. Ewing, AB'08. More 
The Rockefeller Carillon's greatest hits
The UChicago Guild of Carillonneurs reveals--and plays--their most-requested songs. More 
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