December 3, 2019    
Short List
News for the UChicago community
This week we bring you the story of an alumnus who died a hero's death in World War I shortly after graduation. For more stories from UChicago's earliest generations of students, don't skip the Postscript.
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1. Under fire in the Argonne Forest
WWI aviator Harold Goettler, AS 1914, SB 1914, was on a mission to save the Lost Battalion in a plane known as "the flying coffin." More 
Learn about a new Chicago Booth scholarship fund for veterans.
Meet an advocate for holistic care to help wounded vets heal.
2. Creative vision
An art historian and one of the artists he studies break down what it means to act and think creatively. More 
Put creativity to work with advice from Chicago Booth alumni.
3. Is anybody out there?
Astronomer David Charbonneau, recipient of an honorary degree from UChicago this year, tells the Big Brains podcast about his search for exoplanets and alien life. More 
Weigh the evidence on the probability of extraterrestrial life.
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The Graham School's new dean  +  Fermilab's new quantum science institute  +  To be an effective boss, use praise  +  Inside the Reynolds Club bell tower  +  Why birds have low divorce rates  +  See more stories
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December 5
December 7
Build a gingerbread house with the Alumni Club of New York City 
January 10
Join Chicago Booth professors to discuss the state of the global economy 
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Job of the week
Director of diversity and inclusion at Georgetown School of Medicine 
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Professional development
December 9
Learn how to apply to the Alumni New Venture Challenge 
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David Manfredi
A concrete storyteller
Meet the man who reshaped Boston's skyline. More 
Archive of campus lives
Ella Tilles Falk's (PhB'23) scrapbook, including a flyer from Chicago's legendary bohemian cabaret the Dill Pickle Club, is just one of the mementos in the web exhibit Ghosts of the Past: Early Students at the University of Chicago. More 
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