December 17, 2019    
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News for the UChicago community
What could make a free-market capitalist believe in regulation? Read on to find that answer, a quantum breakthrough, and a new weapon in the fight against breast cancer. Top it off by solving a New York Times crossword puzzle that's a family affair.
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1. A quantum leap
Researchers at the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering can use everyday electronics to create quantum states that previously relied on diamonds and other rare materials. More 
Explore quantum mechanics and walk the line between matter and light.
2. The giant hand
Chicago Booth's Luigi Zingales wonders if a Chicago school economist like George Stigler, PhD'38, might favor regulating tech giants like Amazon and Google. More 
Contemplate the rise of market power.
Find out how pro-business policy became bipartisan.
3. Life as they know it
A philosopher and a psychologist ponder how to live. More 
Consider the philosopher's account of what social media is doing to our families and social lives.
4. Wildlife in a war zone
Leopards, tigers, and bears weren't the only intimidating encounters an alumnus faced on his quest to help establish Afghanistan's first national park. More 
Explore the emerging field of conservation paleobiology.
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Good news for English language learners  +  Provost Daniel Diermeier to Vanderbilt  +  Crawling through New York City  +  Progress against gun violence  +  Breast cancer diagnostic tool is a Time best invention  +  See more stories
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December 28
January 9
Hear Nobel laureate Richard Thaler speak in New Delhi 
January 11
Visit a Twin Cities exhibition on Chernobyl's aftermath 
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Apprenticeship representative, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries 
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Jonathan Turley
Standing apart
Legal scholar Jonathan Turley, AB'83, is the only witness invited by the GOP to testify in the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings. More 
Photography by Nick Olejniczak (CC BY-NC 2.0)
A puzzling debut
Fourth-year Gabi Friedman, who often writes the Maroon's crossword, and her cousin scored their first NYT puzzle. More 
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