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Must-reads, job listings, events, and more for University of Chicago alumni, parents, families, and friends.

December 29, 2015
What your future self can teach you
1. Know thy future self
Chicago Booth researchers study how you can feel more connected to your future self--and therefore be wealthier, healthier, and more generous in the present.
Hear how your present self affects your future.
Revisit professor @HaroldPollack's financial advice index card.

2. Mind readers
Neuroscientists Ed Awh and Ed Vogel can read thoughts and tell the future. Sort of.
Learn about John Maunsell's vision for neuroscience research.
Watch neuroscientists crack the mind's toughest riddles.
Find out how Grossman Institute scholars explain the brain's complexities.

3. Ask an alum
UC Berkeley mathematician David Eisenbud, SB'66, SM'67, PhD'70--director of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, musician, and juggler--will answer your questions and select his favorite to win a prize. Submit your queries.
Learn about Laszlo Babai's "stunning" new math proof.

4. A trauma center in Hyde Park
The University of Chicago Medicine plans to build a level 1 adult trauma center at its medical campus.
Watch an @UChicagoMed surgeon discuss the trauma center.

5. Susanne Rudolph, 1930-2015
Professor emeritus Susanne Rudolph, "one of the most extraordinary interpreters of politics and society in modern India," died December 23.
Read a tribute to Rudolph by her former student Ronojoy Sen, PhD'05.
Revisit Susanne and Lloyd Rudolph's 1956 travel journal.
PLUS . . .
Learn neuroethics with Peggy Mason . . . For the love of weird animals . . . Coalition building through admissions . . . Law School faculty book recommendations . . . Kartemquin Films turns 50.
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Career opportunities
Software Development Engineer
Research Scientist
Urban Education Institute
Events Programming Assistant
UChicago Creative Writing
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Theaster Gates
Theaster Gates
How Theaster Gates, director of UChicago's Arts + Public Life initiative, turned a South Side bank into an arts space. More »

UChicago Cards Against Humanity

Upcoming events
10 a.m.-noon
UChicago Maryland 2016 Planning, BYO Ideas
6-9 p.m.
Private Tour of the Wyeth Exhibition at the Denver Art Museum
2-4 p.m.
Spinosaurus: Lost Giant of the Cretaceous
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Lite of the mind
Jedi mind tricks
Use the force, Maroons
Psychologist Daniel Casasanto demonstrates some real-life Jedi mind tricks.
Browse the Library's Star Wars guide.
See how to (sorta) make your own lightsaber.
Read Roger Ebert's (EX'70) 1977 review of Star Wars.
Learn about Star Wars creator George Lucas's support for the Laboratory Schools.
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