December 31, 2019    
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Enjoying a moment of holiday relaxation or anxiously awaiting the stroke of midnight? Either way, it's a good time for a deep dive into the life and work of a writer who was destined for the literary canon, nearly forgotten, and then rediscovered. Today's edition also has advice on making the most of the New Year, with a Postscript wishing you holiday cheer.
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1. Found: A lost writer
During her lifetime, author Bette Howland, AB'55, was a MacArthur Fellow and, according to mentor and longtime friend Saul Bellow, EX'39, "quite obviously the real thing." What does her rediscovery mean for readers today? More 
Read Howland's story "Power Failure."
Learn why this critic considers Howland "a Chicago writer of near-universal delight."
2. New Year's projections
How to get your $$$ in order before you turn 30: a concise guide from SSA's Harold Pollack, creator of the personal finance index card. Over 30? Some of the advice still applies. More 
Discover eight other ways to be your best self in 2020.
See Pollack's original index card of financial advice.
3. Make those resolutions a reality
Behavioral scientist Ayelet Fishbach studies motivation. Let her research be your guide. More 
Get Fishbach's five data-backed tips to stay the course of your resolutions.
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Updates and images from NASA's Parker Solar Probe  +  UChicago Crime Lab's first 10 years  +  Discrimination by algorithm  +  Latke-Hamantash Debate highlights  +  When kids ask if Santa is real  +  See more stories
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January 25
January 28
Join the Polsky Center for the launch of the UChicago Global Entrepreneurs Network in Mexico City 
January 29
Learn product management for non-techies in London 
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Job of the week
Business analysis and operational excellence director, Wolters Kluwer 
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Professional development
Have a New Year's resolution to find a new job? Watch the most popular Mind Your Career Webinars from 2019, featuring UChicago alumni and faculty leading in their fields. 
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Shoshana Zuboff
Surveillance capitalism
Social psychologist Shoshana Zuboff's (AB'73) best seller gives a name to our age of tech giants, personal data collection, and privacy scandals. More 
Cold weather, warm wishes
As the festive season winds down, open a card from the University that lets you color in campus. More 
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