Penny Sebring, Chuck Lewis, and the Lewis-Sebring Family Foundation

September 2013 Report

The Lewis-Sebring family’s philanthropic partnership with the University of Chicago continues to yield impressive and innovative results spanning multiple areas of the University. The following sections provide an updated snapshot of the far-reaching impact of the family’s generosity on the University community.

The Promise of New and Talented Educators
Where better to find and launch America’s next generation of educators than the University of Chicago?

College Students in the Real World of Education
University of Chicago undergraduates gain practical and rewarding career experience at some of the leading organizations in education across the country.

The Genetics of Diabetes
New research and a powerful one-of-a-kind registry are advancing understanding of the mutations that cause some forms of diabetes.

Race, Education, and Outcomes
With When I know Who I Am nearing completion, Charles Payne, the Frank P. Hixon Distinguished Service Professor, contributed his expertise and advice to dozens of organizations.

UEI’s Expanded Impact
Founded on the belief that all children are capable of being successful in high school and college, the Urban Education Institute has achieved promising results and expanded its reach.

The Research Behind Education Equality
Stephen W. Raudenbush pioneers cutting-edge research on education equality and leads the Committee on Education as it continues its partnership with the Urban Education Institute.