UChicago Socks Collection: 2015 Traditions Socks

Traditions Socks are back for one day—today—only! This is your last chance to get UChicago traditions socks before they walk out the door forever. These 2015 UChicago custom socks are inspired by the quirky and intellectual traditions UChicago calls its own: Kuvia, Scav, Shake Day, and the recently reinstated Lascivious Costume Ball. The socks were designed by an undergraduate-founded company, as were 2013’s history of the “C” socks and last year’s scholar socks.  

Salute the sun and your shins.

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Show off your socks (pants still recommended).

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Makes hunting through your sock drawer fun.

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Shake up your wardrobe.

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Sock Pride

These College alumni donors show off their UChicago pride by stepping out in their one-of-a-kind UChicago socks. The custom socks, featuring emblems from the earliest years of the University, were crafted by an undergraduate-founded company and released through a limited-time offer to alumni supporters. 

Socks: A self-portrait. Jane Li, AB'09

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Hamilton Kitty Nuccio shows off his UChicago pride. Loretta Nuccio, AB'08

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In today’s mail: @uchicago tradition socks from the nice folks @uchicagoalumni #sockpride. Jasmine Davila, AB’98

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Even puppets have UChicago pride. Dave Pickett, AB'07

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Hardworking undergraduate telefund callers show off their socks.

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Rocking my socks in the Last Frontier, just outside Anchorage with the Cook Inlet and the Alaska Range in the background. Meredyth Richards, AB'08

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Taken at my desk from an undisclosed location outside Washington, DC. Chunae Zoh, AB'95

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Here I am proudly sporting my new socks at work, Columbia Sportswear Company! Shoes and pants are Columbia, socks by UChicago! Myra Lavenue, AB'87

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"Socks? Socks? I thought they were wing warmers!" Phoebe the Phoenix, part of the household of Gregory Watson, AB 92

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Proudly rocking my new pair of UCHICAGO "Great Philosopher" socks. Happy to see that a Fellow "Smith" is represented! Chris Smith, AB'89

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Are you rocking your own pair of UChicago socks? If so, please send us a picture. Or if your feet are feeling camera shy, show us the other ways you’re making the most of them. Email your photos to socks@uchicago.edu and we’ll post them in our Flickr album. You can also tweet your photo to @UChicagoAlumni using #sockpride.